Why is CTV the future of video marketing?

CTV advertising in the US increased by 25% in 2020, with ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) revenue up by 31% and digital upfront TV ad spends up by 11%.
January 25, 2021

Connected TV (CTV) is the latest broadcasting generation conducted through broadband-connected and streaming devices, video game consoles, and other internet-enabled TVs.

Marketers around the world are utilizing CTV for advertising.

According to eMarketer’s report, CTV advertising in the US increased by 25% in 2020, with ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) revenue up by 31% and digital upfront TV ad spends up by 11%.

The share of advertisers utilizing CTV in the first quarter of 2021 isn’t changing much. However, 60% of those that are spending plan on increasing their investments. This fact suggests CTV is proving to be an efficient part of their media plan, and in the future, they will invest more in video advertising through CTV.

Let’s explore in detail why CTV is the future of video marketing?

Well-accepted by audience

The CTV provides subscribers with high-quality content for a lower price than cable operators do. As internet giants such as Roku, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu produce their highly-popular shows, more and more people have joined. According to Leichtman Research Group’s consumer research, 80% of US households have at least one internet-connected TV device, and 40% of adults in US households watch video on CTV daily. These statistics show that the time video marketing boom in CTV has come.

Also, CTV providers are actively competing for a new audience. Thus, this fall, Roku announced it is expanding the Roku TV licensing program into Europe. That’s a positive signal for advertisers who are looking for a wide-capturing marketing channel.

Everyone loves CTV, especially young generations.

The broad audience that is getting harder and harder to target is clustering in one place. Everyone loves CTV and its content. Also, most millennials don’t feel like they need convention television packages. With the millennial audience so concentrated (but not only millennials), it is way easier for advertisers to target their audience on CTV.

CTV is similar to the typical television viewing experience. But, there is a much higher ability to target the audiences you’re looking for according to the data these apps provide. This phenomenon offers a much higher ROI than traditional television advertising – which is more like the shotgun approach to advertising.

Consumers don’t mind watching video advertising on CTV.

Most CTV platforms are less expensive than traditional TV contributes. Therefore users don’t mind experiencing CTV advertising. They understand it is part of the cost of having such a cheap and at the same time excellent service. This voluntary exchange between CTV platforms and viewers proves the friendly perception of the commercials that viewers have.

CTV provides enormous video advertising opportunities

The massive growth of CTV is creating an enormous opportunity for video advertising with CTV. One hundred sixty million Americans streamed using CTV every month, but CTV only accounts for barely 1% of TV ad dollars. As technology improves and even more people adopt CTV into their homes and daily lives, more TV ad dollars will shift in the CTV direction.

From the marketers’ perspective, CTV is more than just a place the audience gathers. CTV is a refined TV commercial channel with accurate targeting abilities. CTV video ads have all metrics: completion rate, view-throughs, conversions, impressions delivered, and more. Therefore, organizations can run data-driven marketing and present their video ads to the audience they want when they see it as more profitable.

CTV provides small – and medium-sized companies with the ability to promote themselves through addressable TV, while it doesn’t require enormous budgets as national TV broadcasting does. At this point, marketers can step over the financial threshold, and regional brands can use TV’s power.

All these indicators show that the future of video marketing is predictable and straightforward: Connected TV. To embrace the future from now, you can start collaborating with SE7EN TV with wide traffic from the US, UK, CA, AU, Spain, and LATAM countries.

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